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Carla (45 year) - Nationality: italian - march 17, 2001

"I have been smoking for 30 years, that is since I was 15, from 15 to 25 cigarettes a day. I grew up in a cloud of smoke, because both my parents were addicted. I have tried to quit several times without success and I started to be convinced I could not. Although I was not suffering from any illness, I was aware that smoke made me sick. It gave me headache, and I felt it poisoned my blood. Also, it was a waste of money, and I did not have much. Still my ashtray was full and my mouth stinky I started to visit Internet site to help quit smoking. I understood why I had failed before: I thought I could just cut down in the number of cigarettes and smoke one or two a day, but the only way for me to quit was to stop completely, not even a puff, not even in a dream, never. The second very important strategy for me was to set a date, not too close, not too far away. I chose October 3, about one month earlier. At first, it did not mean anything for me, just a sort of joke, a play. But on October 3 I found myself decide:let's try to make it true, let's stop for good. I did it and it was not that bad, I must say. Hope to stay quit, but somehow I know I will. "

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