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Psychological counseling and support :

Fran (37 year) - Nationality: American - July 09, 2003

"I quit cold turkey on 6/12/2003. I am writing this 27 days into my quit! I had smoked non-stop for 26 years at 1 1/2 packs/day since I was 11 years old. I didn't even quit when I was pregnant twice! I has a prolonged asthma attack (never had asthma before) and had much difficulty breathing on 6/7. Doctor diagnosed asthma on 6/9. I had nebulizer treatments four times a day, steriod pills, inhaers and anitbiotics. My breathing wasn't getting any better over the next 3 days. Still I smoked (or attempted to-couldn't get air much less any smoke down). I figured this was what emphasyma (sp?) would be like. All the time. Never going away! That scared the Hell out of me! 6/12- I was petrified to quit. I thought that I could never do it- I never even tried. I thought that I would die or be the exorcist or something. The thought of me quitting (because I was soooo adicted) was so absurd to me. So I just was going to see how long I could go without one.(I had NEVER done this before). I still carried my ciggerettes with me and I told noone what I was doing. This was for me-- just to see. I would smoke if I REALLY REALLY needed one. I cried in my cubicle at work on the 2nd day (but I didn't NEED one). Crying wasn't a crime and I wasn't killing anyone so I cold keep going without one. I didn't NEED one. I was cranky- but again- not killing anyone. Not head spinning and turning green with claws-- so I didn't NEED one. Finally after 5 days without smoking I got over the fear of trying to quit (because I had done it). I gave away my cigarettes and celebrated being smoke free for 5 days. (MY lungs were starting to clear out and I could breath again.) So now--- 27 days into my quit I think that it is funny that fear is what caused my quit--- and fear is what will keep my quit. Now that I have actually quit and I know that if I take just one puff ever I will be right back to where I was-- so I know that I can never slip. To anyone who is Thinking at all about quitting-- let me tell you -- IT CAN BE DONE-- HONEST TO GOD- If ***I*** can do it-- you can too!. Drink LOTS of water, fruit juice and join a support group (internet)."

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