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Psychological counseling and support :

Anonyme (40 year) - Nationality: British - September 12, 2000

"People having problems quitting smoking might hate me, because I made the decision to quit just over a year ago & have not smoked a single one since that day, nor have i craved one. My personal experience is that you really have to WANT to give up, it has to be the right time / it won't work if you're doing it "for someone" or as a half-hearted gesture. For me, something just "clicked" inside - i was about to turn 30, had smoked for 10 years, had recently got married, & we are hoping to start a family in the next couple of years - & wanted my body to be "clean", if i was going to be a good host to a baby. It just didn't seem justifiable any more: how can you weigh the pleasure of a few smokes up against a long, healthy life? Just felt it wasn't responsible any more. GOOD LUCK to everyone out there trying to quit, i feel so much healthier (& less guilty) even after one year without inhaling nasty nicotine fumes! My husband still smokes a few every evening, & i am trying not to be too intolerant, after all, i did it for 10 years... but it just smells so dirty & horrible to me now! Throw yourself into a new exercise regime & start eating more healthily, then cutting out smoking will just be another logical adjustment. You owe it to yourself to look after your own body - it's the only one you've got..."

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