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Motivation/Benefits from Quitting:

Walter (55 year) - May 15, 2002

"It's now been about 2 months since my last cigarette. After 25 years of 1 pack a day, I thought that it was going to be impossible for me to quit. The first 5 days was difficult but as I approached 7 it became a challange and it got easier to just think of something else. Now I really don't think about them anymore (hard to believe!) One problem I had was what to do with my hands while out with my friends. Some of them still smoke (and it does still smell good), but having some hard candy or a bowl of chips in front of you cures that. And again, now that does not bother me anymore either. This program got me going with the right frame of mind, along with a pack now costing close to $6.00. Rather than burn $6.00 per day, I now save it and have the choice to do whatever I want with it. That's $180.00! not going up in smoke anymore. The last thing that I've noticed is 'smelling things' I had forgotten just what a regular hamburger really smells and tastes like! Food has taken on a new dimension. I would really recommend that you consider quitting... more money, good tasting food and no more coughing and hacking in the morning makes good sense to me and I wish I had quit a long time ago or better yet never started. Good luck to all! "

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