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Anonyme (39 year) - Nationality: USA - June 26, 2003

"I began smoking when I was 15 years old, mainly because I found the act of smoking fascinating. I was fascinated by the clouds of smoke billowing in endless streams from smokers' lips--I found that very beautiful. And in truth, I still do. A lot of people get sick or cough the first time they try to smoke. I can't say I had that problem. It felt good. Very good. However. The romance one first has with cigarettes when one begins smoking becomes a deadly, smelly, messy, inconvenient tyrant. You truly do become enslaved to your cigarettes, as your cigarettes take more and more away from you. I used to be quite a singer. I had a three and a half octave singing voice. That left on a stream of smoke, and I'm lucky if I can warble an octave these days. Singing brought me a lot of joy, joy that I no longer have, because of my addiction to cigarettes. I get winded easily. I know I am losing more and more lung capacity each day. I feel fidgety in restaurants now that they don't allow smoking. I clear my throat constantly, and I'm scared that I will get emphysema or cancer, and yet...and yet...when I've tried quitting, I become a weeping mess within hours, and I feel like a big addicted loser sometimes. Yes, there ARE certain attractions and so- called benefits--at first. I won't lie to you. But the price this romance cost me is just not worth it. The romance becomes quite ugly and old, fast. "

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