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Sick Smokers:

Jackie (66 year) - Nationality: Swedish/Irish - May 21, 2003

"I started smoking when I was 18 years old. I had just had a baby and my husband had left me and I felt very alone. I walked to the corner store and bought a pack of cigarettes and almost coughed to death, smoking that first pack. But, I was HOOKED!! That was 48 years ago! I got remarried (age 22) to a wonderful, patient man who worries everyday that I will die from a smoking related illness!! He quit smoking in 1968!!! I quit with two subsequent pregnancies and started up again after I quit nursing each of my children. I quit on my own/cold turkey/2002 for three months....I was diagnosed with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). I was shocked!! Too dumb to realize the damage I had done to myself!! Then, I got upset one day over something trivial and started smoking again!! I have tried all sorts of stop smoking programs......Have been hypnotized twice.......have had laser therapy.....have used nicotine inhalers...have used the patch.....nothing has kept me smoke-free for any length of time!! I desperately need to quit!! My doctor told me that Nicotine is more addictive than Heroin or Cocaine.He said Nicotine affects the pleasure centers in your brain. But, he has no answers other than to tell me that I have to quit! L@@K!!!!!!!! To all you YOUNG PEOPLE out there......DON'T EVER START SMOKING!!!! DON'T EVER ACCEPT THAT FIRST CIGARETTE THAT'S OFFERED TO YOU!!! IT WILL MAKE YOU SICK... COPD, PNEUMONIA, TERRIBLE SHORTNESS OF BREATH, CHRONIC BRONCHITIS. (Coughing all the time,night and day!), REPEATED COLDS AND SINUS INFECTIONS,PLUS, IT MAKES YOU LOOK MUCH OLDER THAN YOU ARE. (Cigarette smoking causes severe wrinkling). IT WILL SHORTEN YOUR LIFE AND WILL BECOME AN ADDICTIVE HABIT THAT YOU CAN'T BREAK!! LAST, I FIGURED I HAVE SPENT OVER $35,000 ON CIGARETTES FOR THE LAST 48 YEARS!! PLEASE......!!!!DON'T EVER START SMOKING!!!!! "

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