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Documentation for smokers and ex-smokers

We offer brochures based on whether you have already firmly decided or just consider stop smoking. 

1) Seven brochures available in stop smokingHTML, which can be saved or opened on the screen

2) Our documentation about:

3) Powerpoint presentation:

  • : Intentions and attitudes of smokers and ex-smokers towards NRT ( )
  • : The cigarette Withdrawal Scale CWS-21 ( )
  • : Impact of messages recommending concomitant use of NRT and cigarettes ( )
  • : Smoking reduction with NRT: a randomized trial ( )
  • : Is "stage of change" a valid concept ? ( )
  • : Who are smokers who use NRT for temporary abstinence ? ( )
  • : Optimal content of smoking cessation websites ( )
  • : Combining psychological theory and internet technology to disseminate smoking cessation programmes at population level ( )
  • : A comparison of 3 withdrawal scales ( )
  • : Safety of Smoking Cessation Medications ( ) (from the site )
  • : Efficacy of treatments for tobacco dependence ( ) (from the site )
  • Cytisine for smoking cessation - A literature review and a meta-analysis (August 28, 2006)
  • (Berne, September 13, 2006)

4) Survey report:

5) Report on women and smoking:

6) Excellent report by the World Bank:

7) Others links:

1- Precontemplation You do not seriously plan to stop smoking

And what if I stopped smoking?

stop smoking quit smokingHTML

2- Contemplation You seriously plan to stop smoking in the next 6 months

I am thinking about stopping smoking


stop smoking IndéterminationHTML 

3- Preparation You have decided to stop smoking in the next 30 days

It is final. I’m quitting smoking!

stop smoking quit smokingHTML

4- Action You have stopped smoking for fewer than 6 months

I just quit smoking

stop smoking ActionHTML

5- Maintenance You have stopped smoking for more than 6 months

Ex-smokers: persevere!

stop smoking quit smokingHTML

Relapse You have started to smoke again after stopping for a short time

I started smoking again

stop smoking quit smokingHTML

Women and tobacco This brochure was specifically made for women who smoke

Women and tobacco (French)

stop smoking quit smokingHTML

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