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Jean-Francois Etter


Jean-François E T T E R




Dec 10, 2013


1. Personal data


Jean-François ETTER
Born in 1958, Swiss citizen, married.
University of Geneva. Faculty of Medicine
CMU. 1, rue Michel-Servet. 1211 Genève 4 - Switzerland
Tél: +41 22 379 04 59. Fax: +41 22 379 04 52
E-mail: Jean-Francois.Etter@unige.ch

2. Position

Associate professor, Faculty of Medicine, University of Geneva. Switzerland.

3. Diplomas

1.            Diploma of technician in medical radiology, University Hospitals, Lausanne, Switzerland, 1980.
.            Bachelor degree in political sciences, University of Geneva, 1992.
.            Certificate of European studies, Institute or European Studies, University of Geneva, 1992.
.            Master degree in political sciences, University of Geneva, 1994.
.            Summer courses in epidemiology (Erasmus Univ, Rotterdam), summer 1994 and summer 2005.
.            University diploma in tobacco prevention studies, University of Paris-XI / XII, Paris, France, 1998.
.            Master degree in public health, University of Geneva, 1995.
.            PhD in social and economic sciences, University of Geneva, 1996.
.            Privat docent, Faculty of Medicine, University of Geneva, 2000. 


4. Publications 2010-2013

h-index = 30 (in 17 years since my PhD)

4.1. Peer-reviewed articles (original publications)

1-Etter JF. Smoking prevalence, cigarette consumption and advice received from physicians: change between 1996 and 2006 in Geneva, Switzerland Addictive Behaviors 2010;35:355-58.1.85
2-Courvoisier D, Etter JF. Comparing the predictive validity of five cigarette dependence questionnaires.Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 2010;107:128-1333.37
3-Etter JF. Short-term change in COPD symptoms after smoking cessation. European Respiratory Journal, 2010;35:1249-55.5.55
4-Etter JF. Electronic cigarettes: a survey of users. BMC Public Health. 2010 ;10:231.2.03
5-Etter JF. Smoking and Cloninger's Temperament and Character Inventory. Nicotine & Tobacco Research, 2010;12:919-26.2.54
6-Khazaal Y, Chatton C, Prezzemolo R, Protti AS, Cochand S, Monney G, Etter JF, Cornuz J, Zullino D. ‘Pick-Klop,’ a Group Smoking Cessation Game. Journal of Groups in Addiction and Recovery, 2010;5:183–193.-
7-Etter JF, Gmel G. Paradoxical changes in alcohol consumption and CAGE ratings between 1996 and 2006 in the general population of Geneva. Alcohol & Alcoholism 2011;46:128-32.2.29
8-Etter JF. Comparing abrupt and gradual smoking cessation : a randomized trial. Drug and Alcohol Dependence. 2011;118 :360-365. 3.60
9-Etter JF, Bullen C. Electronic cigarette: users profile, utilization, satisfaction and perceived efficacy. Addiction 2011;106:2017-2028.3.84
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13-Mandhouj O, Etter JF, Courvoisier D, Aubin HJ. French-Language Version of the World Health Organization Quality Of Life Spirituality, Religiousness and Personal Beliefs Instrument. Health and Quality of Life Outcomes 2012;10:39.2.11
14-Etter JF, Schneider NG. An Internet survey of use, opinions and preferences for smoking cessation medications: nicotine, varenicline and bupropion. Nicotine & Tobacco Research 2013;15:59-68.2.80
15-Etter JF, Ussher M, Hughes JR. A test of new tobacco withdrawal symptoms. Addiction 2013;108:50-9.4.15
16-Etter JF. Financial incentives for smoking cessation in low-income smokers: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial. Trials 2012;13:88.2.08
17-Ussher M, Etter JF, Giatras N, Coleman T.Tobacco withdrawal symptoms and urges to smoke in pregnant versus non-pregnant smokers. Addictive Behaviors. 2012;37:1353-1357.2.09
18-Etter JF, Ritter C, Christie DH, Kunz M, Rieder JP, Humair JP, Wolff H, Eytan A, Wahl C, Elger B. Implementation and impact of anti-smoking interventions in three prisons in the absence of appropriate legislation. Preventive Medicine, 2012;55:475-81.3.22
19-Khazaal Y, Chatton A, Prezzemolo R, Zebouni F, Edel Y, Jaquet J,  Ruggeri O, Burnens E, Monney G, Protti AS, Etter JF, Khan R, Cornuz J, Zullino D. Impact of a board-game approach on current smokers: a randomized controlled trial. Subst Abuse Treat Prev Policy. 2013;8:3.1.16
20-Dupraz J, Graff V, Barasche J, Etter JF, Boulvain M. Tobacco and alcohol during pregnancy: prevalence and determinants in Geneva in 2008. Swiss Medical Weekly. 2013;143:w137951.89
21-Etter JF, Zäther E, Svensson S. An analysis of refill liquids for electronic cigarettes. Addiction. 2013;108:1671-94.31

4.2. Reviews (peer-reviewed)

22-Ritter C, Stöver H, Levy M, Etter JF, Elger B. Smoking in prisons: The need for effective and acceptable interventions. J Public Health Policy. 2011;32:32-45.1.33
23-Etter JF, Bullen C, Flouris A, Laugesen M, Eissenberg T. Electronic nicotine delivery devices : a research agenda. Tobacco Control 2011;20:243-248.3.85

4.3. Monographs

24-Etter JF. La vérité sur la cigarette électronique. Fayard. 2013.

4.4. Other pertinent publications

25-Etter JF, Bullen C. Saliva cotinine levels in users of electronic nicotine delivery devices. European Respiratory Journal [Letter]. 2011;38:1219-1220 (Impact Factor=5.53).1.33
26-Douptecheva N, Etter JF, Deline S, Studer J. Gmel G. Use of Electronic Cigarettes among Young Swiss Men [Letter]. J Epidemiol Comm Health 2013. (Impact Factor=3.39).
27-Etter JF. Electronic cigarettes: the Holy Grail of nicotine replacement ? Commentary on Wagener et al: Electronic Cigarettes: Promise or Peril? [Invited commentary]. Addiction 2012;107:1550-1552.3.85
28-Etter JF. Commentary on Dawkins et al: ‘Vaping’ profiles and preferences: an online survey of electronic cigarette users. [Invited commentary]. Addiction 2013;108:1126.
29-Etter JF. Should electronic cigarettes be as freely available as tobacco? Yes. [Invited commentary].
British Medical Journal - BMJ. 2013 June.

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