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Lucie (34 year) - Nationality: Venezuelan - September 17, 2000

"I started smoking when I was 24 being at the university!! At the time, I used to hate smokers and was fully aware of how harmful smoking was. However, to be honest, I dont even know what happened to me, what really pushed me to get into this bad habit. Since those days to now!! I havent been able to quit smoking. I really hate to not being able to stop smoking. I quit for 6 months, using patches, but I have started again, when my body looked like a cow! I gained around ten kilograms I was eating like crazy. I was exchanging cigarettes for food. Now I feel really bad. Why is it so hard to quit smoking?? The only times I dont smoke are when Im sleeping or when Im in the shower!! I feel really embarrassed of myself, because I dont have the strength to quit I really want to stop smoking!!! Despite the fact I smoke, I cannot stand the smell of the cigarettes. When Im not smoking, other smokes bother me a lot... I need help. I must recognize that Im sick and I need help... I will get a treatment with Zyban next month. I hope this drug will help me!! Im planning to have a baby next year and I want it to be healthy."

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