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Meg (15 year) - Nationality: italian american - January 25, 2002

"hey. i'm fifteen years old and i quit smoking nine weeks and six days ago. i'd been smoking since i was seven and a half. this site got me motivated. i started because it was "cool", kept going because it releived stress then because i was addicted, i still am and always will be addicted. i know that and that's why i know there are consequences when i just want to sneak one. i quit because the person that i love didn't know and didn't condone it. if i was going to be serious, honest, and open in this relationship then i had to end all my other ones, and cigarettes were my other love. on november 1, 2001 i picked up a cigarette, and for the first time in years, put it back down. i knew it was bad and i decided that if i loved myself enough to quit then i could love someone else. god helped me through. convicted me when i craved them, rewarded me whan i said no, and helped me to say no. i didn't use patches, books or anything like that. just good old fashioned determination, prayer, and alot of chewing gum. i stopped cold turkey that day, and it was hard. i had headaches, shook alot, and had crazy mood swings. nobody knew it was that hard, but when you're fifteen and had been smoking eight years, it was like losing a part of my life. a productive loss, but a loss still at that. i just want anyone to know that quitting's great if it's for the first time or the eighty- fiirst time then just get someone to be accountable (god'll help if you ask him) and then hold yourself accountable. you'll be proud of yourself and boldly say to people that you quit, on your own. it takes changes. but they're worth it. you're worth it."

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