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charles (66 year) - Nationality: Canadian - August 31, 2001

"I was diagnosed with lung cancer about five months ago and had to have my Right Upper Lung part removed (lobectomy). This is not the type of retirement I had expected or planned. I cannot enjoy the pleasures of life to the extent I would like to anymore, including spending some meaningful time with my children and friends. I quit smoking "cold turkey" because my thoracic surgeon told me that she would not operate on me if i kept smoking. I miss smoking and I am tempted to go back to it several times per day. I need to remain alert all the time. Despite the fact that I knew that smoking was bad for me and for the people surrounding me, I had no intention of quitting. I am also addicted to alcohol and stopped drinking twelve years ago. My reasoning was: "Well, if I can't drink, at least I'm gonna smoke". I just hope now that the future will allow me to fully enjoy a new life in a healthy and prosperous environment. IS IT TOO LATE?"

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