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Quit attempts:

Carol (38 year) - September 12, 2000

"I started smoking when I was 19. I started because I was around others who smoked. I believe I also started because I was feeling rather angry and rebellious. I wish someone had told me what a ball and chain I was attaching myself to at that time. I am 38 now. I have been able to quit during my 3 pregnancies, and for a few weeks at a time, but so far I haven't stopped for good. I have witnessed my Grandmother and Grandfather dying of emphysema. A dear friend recently died of lung cancer. Another dear friend is currently suffering from lung cancer... all because of smoking. I want SO badly to stop for good. Here's what I have to say to anyone who is considering picking up this horrible habit: do NOT start!!! If you never get addicted, you'll never have to face this same scenario that I am going through. I wish I could explain to you how difficult it is to go through withdrawal. It feels like you're losing your best friend (although nothing could be further from the truth), and how NOTHING really takes away the cravings. I wish, I could tell you how it feels to awaken every morning and light up yet another one, knowing the whole time how bad it is and wanting so much to STOP!!! Don't put yourself through this torment. It isn't worth it. I am still trying to quit and would appreciate all prayers. God bless whoever reads this message. It will be my prayer that you take to heart what I have said."

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