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Quit attempts:

wil (45 year) - Nationality: scots-canadian - Décember 20, 2003

"Good day all... Like many of you out there,I too was sick to death of smoking;I was fed up with the inside of my mouth tasting like a ashtray,my clothes reeking of stale smoke and feeling like a fool stepping outside for cigarettes,even be it -20 below celsius. I was always embarressed to talk with co-workers up close because of the reeking smell that never left. Our little city of Kingston Ontario is now smoke free in all resturants,pubs,and businesses,though in the beginning,many resturants and bars were losing money do largely to the no smoking policies,but now they are discovering,many more turn overs of diners,and the results are back to there orginal status,if not better.. I have been smoke free for 2 1/2 months,and know deep down I will never smoke again.... "

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