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Politics and the tobacco industry:

Roger (36 year) - Nationality: Swiss - June 29, 2005

"The biggest hostage taker of all time! Nearly a million and a half hostages around the world. A hostage executed every 5 seconds. A new hostage captured every second as he lights his first cigarette. An astonishing ransom paid in small installments with the purchase of each packet. For over 50 years, tobacco companies have been the hostage takers. What's their weapon of choice? The cigarette! And their technique? Brainwashing. Yes, it's incredible how low the companies will go and still go to fool nearly a third of the human race, under the lax (complicit?) gaze of the government, who are far too concerned with not killing the hen that laid the golden egg. The most beautiful piece of deception in the world, carefully dressed up in pretty, colorful packets. That cowboy proudly posing in front of an evening sky, the immortalized camel, the hero in your favorite film, the associated moments such as coffee breaks, meals, aperitifs, etc., the reassuring feeling that you can buy your favorite packet whenever you like and wherever you are in the world, and the reassuring opinions of smokers who are so happy to be smokers. What a masterful achievement to make dependence on a hard, addictive, murderous drug seem just as vital as eating, sleeping, drinking, or breathing. And making the relief of nicotine withdrawal seem like the greatest pleasure known to man! Pleasure? Would you buy a pneumatic drill just to feel the pleasure when the noise stops? Or would you buy shoes that were too small for you and wear them all day long, just to feel the pleasure of taking them off in the evening? Would you bang your head against a brick wall just to feel the pleasure of stopping? And would you light up that heaven-sent cigarette to put an end to the feeling of lack that tortures your spirit? Well yes, of course you would! The directors of tobacco companies have succeeded in poisoning our subconscious, in making us believe that we need to smoke. The most effective way of pulling the rug from under their feet is thereforeto stop smoking! Remember that just one smoker who stops represents thousands of francs pulled from the industry, and also the state, in the years to come. Smokers, let's rise up against this dictatorship and become non-smokers!"

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