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Second-hand smoke:

DiAnne (59 year) - Nationality: Canadian - November 15, 2001

"I was a smoker for over 32years. Smoking was my life. I loved to smoke,I enjoyed smoking. The last 3yrs that I smoked I smoked outside, This broke the habbit of smoking indoors, Believe me when I say that I smoked every where in my home. When the advertisements started up on the TV a few years ago, and my husband's DR. also told him not to smoke. I started smoking outdoors. You see my husband never smoked himself and now he had a very bad throat. January 1 1997 was when I started my no smoking habit. I can truly say I have never as much as had a puff since. If you want to succeed as a non smoker you have to want to be one more than anything else in your life. If you don't have the will power to stick with it you won't make it. It took me one full year of HELL to quit. It is just like GRIEF , you have to learn to do every thing all over again with out the smoke. I did help the Nova Scotia Lung Association with a few of their Non smoking programs. Its not easy to do, QUIT SMOKING but If I was able to succeed so can you. GOOD LUCK This last time that I quit was the third time I had tried. and this time I used no aids only excell cinnamon gum. The gum and the patch only change the way you get your nicotine. I would like to tell the smokers out there , yes the day does come that you do not want to smoke. I would never start again as it was too difficult to stop. It can be done please believe me."

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