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Donna (38 year) - Nationality: black - January 06, 2003

"I am a 38 year old female who smoked since age 16. I was underweight after bearing 4 children because of the smoking. I acquired chronic bronchitis because of my smoking. I thought it was just "smoker's cough" whenever I would get a bout of it. Finally, I had a concerned physician explain to me what my condition was and I why it persisted. Smoking was the culprit of my health demise. I had to be on inhalers daily to clear air passages. I could not walk up a small flight of stairs without becoming totally exhausted. It was time to make a conscious decision to give up a part of my life I had known for 22 years. On September 19, 2002, I kicked the habit for life. The depression and helplessness I felt is immeasurable! I held on to the knowledge; by quitting I would live, not quitting I would die; an awful death. I refuse to allow something as stupid as cigarette smoking take me out. I beg all who smoke to please quit! It is not worth what you lose. Please, all who are considering smoking, do not be a total idiot and slave to something that will destroy you, please!! Donna Shears, Ex-smoker for life Because I am better than a killer!!"

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