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Anonyme (25 year) - Nationality: American - May 21, 2001

"I had my LAST puff only 5 days ago but I'm certain this time is for good. I've been smoking for 6 years and I've quit a few times here and there for different reasons but not for the right reasons. I needed to quit for myself and for my son. I'm tired of feeling guilty lighting up in front of my little boy and having him smelling like a dirty ashtray. It's the worst having him reaching for my smokes like they're cookies or something. I'm also starting nursing school this fall and I wouldn't want a smelly nurse hanging all over me. I have so many good reasons for stopping now that I feel this has to be the time. Every time I have a craving I just picture my son putting a cigerette to his lips and it just makes me sick! Good luck all!!!!"

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