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Deonna (28 year) - Nationality: USA - July 11, 2002

"I began smoking 5 years ago, after my kids were born. My mother, a smoker since age 13, said, "Here, take this, it will calm your nerves." I had a bad case of postpartum depression, so I grabbed hold of the cigarette as if it were a lifeline. Sad to say, that "lifeline" has caused me to be short of breath, has forced me to cough up phlegm in the morning (oh, girls, that's very sexy), and has made my teeth yellow. It has endangered my health and, if I continue to smoke, will take me away from my children at an early age. Oh, I know what you're saying, "Something has to take us out." Well, that's true. But I would give anything to make sure I have more time with my kids, even if it's just five minutes more."

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