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Sjane (43 year) - Nationality: British - May 22, 2001

"Hi, I Quit smoking on my 40th birthday. I have brittle Asthma which was made much worse by my smoking 40 cigarettes a day!. The doctors at the hospital told me if I didn't quit cigarettes? within a year I wouldn't need to!. After repeated attempts at quitting and failing that was enough of a shock for me. I didn't want to Die of Enphasema brought about by cigarettes!. I was stupid though, before I quit, I would be on my nebuliser and as soon as I switched it off I would have a cig!. Out of breath whilst walking I'd stop and have a cig!.Went for a drink and? had a cig! etc, etc. I mistakenly believed that the cigarettes were helping to clear the mucus from my lungs (they helped me to cough). Every morning when I got up the 1st thing I did was light one cig after another the excuse I gave? They helped me to wake up. 10 cigs in half an hour crazy!. I know people who still do this. Please stop, cigarettes dont just ruin your clothes, and make your breath smell lkie an old ashtray, they are also singing off all the pink bits in your lungs and turning them black!. You are slowly drowning your lungs in Tar, and without them you will Die painfully. And if you have children every time you light up, they are breathing in the cigarettes too. They dont make you grow, or look good. Imagine them crawling with maggots, or save up all your dog-ends and half fill an empty jam jar with them, top up with water and leave to fester on a sunny window sill for a couple of days. Now unscrew the lid and inhale deeply, the smell will knock your socks off and have you running to say hi to Hughie!. If this failsafe remedy doesn't make you quit try sucking an orange before you next light up, the taste will may you puke. I have never looked back, okay I've had the odd craving in the early days, especially in the morning but the smell of that old faithful jam jar always put me off. and I am now 15,000 richer!! in ex cig money, and I'm healthier than I've ever been and my home, clothes, and breath dont smell like that jam jar now. Thanks for reading this, hopefully you too will be writing a testimony as an Ex-smoker too soon. Best of Health, Sjane X x X "

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