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mick (44 year) - Nationality: cauc - February 18, 2002

"I have just read all the testimonials and i thought that i would just add one thing. from my experiences of smoking for twenty nine years. I have only had two additions all of my life one was smoking and the other is working out. up until about a year ago i would work out as much as four hours every other day while still working a phisically demanding job deep down i figured by keeping in shape that it would offset the effects of smoking and to a great extent i believe that it has.I am probably the only person i have ever heard of who can work out and still smoke at the same time. anyway I just wanted to say i have always thought that smoking calmed my nerves but i would still get upset even with a cigg in my hand. I wanted to add I have been smoke free for only four months and i have quit cold turkey but i dont think i would have been able to if i hadnt of used what worked so good for me the first time. I would like to share my vise if it can help even one person. I have talked to a few people who have sucessfully quit by chewing on toothpicks. well i tried that and after a week almost choked to death when i almost swallowed it. but what i use is a common swizzle stick.I start with a fresh one each day and i just lightly chew it all day long. maybe in a few more months when i feel confident that i wont return to smoking i will try to break the swizzle habit."

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