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Sick Smokers:

Lynda (57 year) - Nationality: American - June 24, 2002

"It's been 2 yrs. I tried a million times to quit. I had cancer (uterine) when I was 36. That didn't stop me. I have high blood pressure and have had 7 angioplastys done. Finally, my husband and I both quit. I couldn't have done it living with a smoker. I used the patch for a couple of weeks, but not having any in the house, not seeing or smelling him smoke and knowing my time was running out, it was so much easier this time than all the others. It was NOT that easy for him. He took 2 prescription drugs and wore 2 patches and was a zombie for a few days to get him over the hump. Now, when I feel I need a cigarette, and that's not often, I close my eyes, breath deep and exhale and think "that was gooood and I never even hurt myself or stunk up my clothes or breath!""

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