In the hope of helping smokers quit, and to encourage young people to never start, we are collecting personal stories from people who have been on the front line of tobacco addiction.

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  • Current Smoker: Tell us about your dependence. Your story may help young people to never start. What would you say to a young person who is considering smoking? What would you say to someone who says they only smoke at parties, when having coffee, etc.? If you have tried to quit, did you have to face?
  • Ex-smoker: We would like to know more about the difficulties you overcame while trying to stop smoking. How many times did you try before you actually stopped for good? Do you have any methods that helped you to stop smoking you would like to share with other people that helped you to stop smoking?
  • Smokers who suffer from a tobacco-related illness: What did you feel when you learned that you had an illness caused by smoking? What disease is it and did you ever think it could happen to you? What would you say to a young person at a party who asks a friend for a cigarette?
  • Family/Friends of smokers who live with or died from an illness related to tobacco: How has your life changed due to the illness of your friend or family member? What you would like to say to a young person who has just picked up smoking, or is thinking about it?

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